Note: Mines Office shifted to Ground Floor of Institute Menezes Braganza, Panaji-Goa

Officers-Powers & Duties


  • Head of Department under FR / SR and under delegation of Financial Rules 1997.
  • Appointing Authority and Budget Controlling Authority for Demand No.83.
  • Competent Officer under Minor Mineral Concession Rules 1985.
  • Powers of Government under Rule 26 (1) of MCR 1960 in the event of failure on the part of applicant to comply with Rule 22 of MCR 1960.
  • Power to issue notices under Rule 27 (5) and 26(3) of MCR 1960.
  • Power of entry and inspection under Section 24 of MMDR Act 1957.
  • Power to issue notices under Rule 28 of MCR 1960 .
  • Appellate Authority under Right to Information Act 2005
  • Power to issue Certificate for recovery under Section 25 of MMDR Act, 1957.

Senior Geologist

Senior Technical Assistant

Assistant Geologist

Technical Assistant

Survey Officer